Aaron Patzer

Aaron Patzer is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of Mint.com, the financial management tool which was acquired by Intuit and has over 10 million users.

Early years and education

Patzer went to high school in Evansville, Indiana at Central High School.

Patzer graduated from Duke University in 2002 with a BSEE. He also has an MSEE from Princeton University.Patzer got his first work experience in the Internet boom years of 1998-2000, working for Getawebsite.com and Miadora.com (an online jewelry store).


After a number of engineering positions and internet startups, Patzer founded Mint.com in March 2006. According to Patzer, he got the inspiration for Mint.com in late 2005 after being frustrated with how difficult it was to use the Intuit Quicken product.

Patzer developed the full alpha version of Mint.com (in Java J2EE and MySQL) in 2006 before he met Josh Kopelman (founder of half.com) and Rob Hayes at a STIRR dinner in the fall of 2006.The meeting led to funding, and Patzer launched Mint.com at the TechCrunch40 conference a year later, in September 2007, winning the $50K first prize.

In September 2008, Patzer was listed in Inc. magazine’s Top 30 Under 30.

On September 14, 2009, Intuit announced that it would buy Mint.com for $170M. At the time of the announced sale, Mint.com had an estimated 1.5 million users.Patzer joined Intuit as VP Product Innovation, and he is also working on a new personal transportation system.


In 2011, TechCrunch reported that Patzer’s next project would be called “Swift” and was exploring the “feasibility of building a personal maglev vehicle transit system.” According to Patzer, he was splitting his time between the new venture and his position at Intuit. He left Intuit in December 2012.

Patzer founded Leonardo Software Inc. in September 2013

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