Mock Orange

Mock Orange is an indie rock band from Evansville, Indiana.

Orange first introduced their sound in 1998 with “Nines & Sixes.” The record immediately established Mock Orange on the national scene and received critical acclaim in the press along with a spot on the CMJ Top 60 college radio charts. In 2000, the band followed up with “The Record Play.” Produced by Mark Trombino (Pinback, Jimmy Eat World), the record continued to earn Mock Orange a legion of fans.

Despite this early success, challenges lay ahead for the band. In 2002, just after the release of the “First EP”, the band’s label, Dead Droid Records, was sued by George Lucas for copyright infringement.The suit resulted in the collapse of the label, and left Mock Orange searching for a new home. The EP, however, was a progression, yielding a sound that infused more diverse rhythms, subtle lyrics and angular guitars. The result was natural for a band who cut its teeth on The Flaming Lips’ “Soft Bulletin” and Pavement’s “Slanted and Enchanted.”

Poised to explore this new direction, Mock Orange returned to the studio, this time with producer J. Robbins (Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring), and delivered Mind is Not Brain. The record wowed critics, causing Alternative Press to call it the “closest to a perfect album we’ve heard in a long time.” The band also earned loyal new fans as it took to the road with relentless touring over three continents, performing alongside bands like Rogue Wave, Ted Leo, and Minus the Bear. Live appearances on MTV2 and songs on shows like CSI Miami, MTV’s Real World and ESPN would follow.

On September 9, 2008, Wednesday Records released Mock Orange’s Captain Love. The record was recorded over the better part of a year in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Jeremy Ferguson (Be Your Own Pet, Josh Rouse). Punctuated by the engaging artwork of Kathleen Lolley (My Morning Jacket’s Z), the record picks up where Mind Is Not Brain left off and proves to be Mock Orange’s most sophisticated, ambitious and affecting release to date.

Mock Orange have also developed a strong following in Japan, touring the country five times with their Japanese labelmates The Band Apart and releasing a split EP titled Daniels EP. 2006 also saw the band making their European debut, touring in Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland. The UK leg of the tour was cancelled after the band’s van was broken into in Spain.

2011 saw the release of their latest full-length album, Disguised As Ghosts, on Wednesday Records. Slightly less funky than Captain Love, it still follows along the acoustic-strewn pop path with thoughtful arrangements and excellent production. The album was recorded by bassist Zach Grace with Jeremy Ferguson returning to help produce. The album has been released on both CD and Vinyl.


Ryan Grisham (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Joe Asher (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Heath Metzger (Drums)
Brandon Chappell (Bass Guitar 1993-2002)
Zach Grace (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 2002–present)



Release date Title Label Notes
1995 Open Sunday Minus 7 Cassette Only
1997 Mock Orange Minus 7 aka The Green Record
1998 Nines & Sixes Lobster Records
2000 The Record Play Lobster Records
2000 Amplified EMI Japan only
2002 First EP Dead Droid Records
2004 Mind is Not Brain Silverthree, Asian Gothic
2004 Live At Schubas
2006 Daniels EP Asian Gothic Japan-only split EP with The Band Apart
2008 Captain Love Wednesday Records, Asian Gothic, Tiger Trap
2009 Live In Brooklyn Wednesday Records
2011 Disguised As Ghosts Wednesday Records


PE In The EVSC – (???? – Junior Achievement Benefit CD)
track 2: “Payroll”
Lobster Records: Greetings (2001 – Lobster Records)
track 3: “Brake Lights On”, 9 “Window Shopping”, 16 “You Know You Got It”
Firework Anatomy (2001 – Engineer Records / IODA)
track 15: “Brake Lights On”
Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended (2002 – Sunset Alliance)
track 7: “Song D’lux”
Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer (2002 – Dead Droid Records)
track 12: “Only in Dreams”
Gems (2006 – Lobster Records)
track 8: “In Heaven An Hour”
Play (2007 – Desoto Records)
track 6: “Holiday Dinner Song”


Tony Hawk’s Gigantic SkatePark Tour 2002 – “We Work”, “Growing Crooked” 2002
Scott Baio Is 45…and Single -“Mind is not Brain”, “Old Man”, “Oh My God”, and “Birds”
Bella – Metanoia Films – “East Side Song” appears in the trailer of the movie 2006
CSI: Miami – “All You Have”, “Drinking Song” and “We Work”
LEVI’s BMX Clip of the Week -“Lila” and “Smile On
Maloof Money Cup, NBC -“Song in D” and “Supergang”
16 and Pregnant MTV – “I Keep Saying So Long” 2009
Raising The Bar TNT – “Captain Love” 2009
Greek, ABC Family -“Smile On”
MTV’s Made – “Drinking Song”
Vh1’s Free Radio – “Smile On”
Viva La Bam – Five Songs
MTV’s College Life – Seven Songs
MTV’s Maui Fever – Six Songs
MTV’s There and Back – Three Songs
MTV’s Real World
Fox Sports
Past Life Warner Bros.
The Vicious Kind Movie trailer-“Song in D” 72nd Street Productions


The Mt. Dew Break Out Contest MTV2 – performed live, placed second
International Songwriting Competition – placed first in Rock category

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