Roger Mobley

Roger Lance Mobley (born January 16, 1949 in Evansville, Indiana) was a busy child actor in the 1950s and 1960s, making over 110 television appearances and co-starring in nine feature films in his nine year career, before becoming a member of the Green Berets (46th Special Forces Co.) during the Vietnam War. He was later an officer with the Police Department in Beaumont, Texas.


When Mobley was eight years old, he appeared as “Packy” Lambert on the NBC television series, Fury, starring Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, and William Fawcett.

In 1964, Walt Disney signed young Mobley to the title role in the highly acclaimed and Emmy- nominated “Adventures of Gallegher” serials for his Wonderful World of Color. Gallegher is an amateur sleuth newspaper reporter, a character created by the author Richard Harding Davis. Contrary to popular rumor, it is Mobley’s name that Walt Disney wrote on his very last memo. (see Walt Disney’s last memo YouTube)

After nine years and appearances in 118 television programs or feature films, Mobley’s career was interrupted at the age of eighteen by military service. Mobley was quoted as having said, “Uncle Walt [1] had plans for me, but so did Uncle Sam, and Uncle Sam won.”

Personal life

Military background

In 1968, Mobley was inducted into the United States Army. After boot camp at Fort Ord, California, he completed parachute jump training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He volunteered for the Special Forces training at the John F. Kennedy Center for Special Warfare at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. On completion of his training, Mobley was assigned to the 46th Special Forces Company (Airborne), 1st Special Forces Group. He returned to the United States in November 1970, upon his honorable discharge from the Army.

Upon returning to civilian life, Mobley found that he had no savings from his extensive work as a child actor. He and his bride, his childhood sweetheart, moved to Beaumont, Texas, where he joined the police department. He was also a Criminal Investigator for the Cities of Vidor and Jasper, Texas.

Besides law enforcement, Mobley worked many kinds of blue collar jobs, including pipefitter, longshoreman; welder; bull rider; lumberjack; milk delivery driver; Federal Express truck driver; prison guard; and lifeguard. He was a football/basketball coach at a private school in Beaumont. He is employed as a climber/inspector on wind turbine farms around the nation.

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