Evansville Hoosiers

The Evansville Hoosiers were a minor league professional baseball team.

Team Info

The Hoosiers played a total of 5 years as a professional minor league team in 4 different independent leagues.They played 2 seasons in the Central Interstate League in 1889 and 1890.In 1896 they played in the Kentucky–Indiana League.In 1892 they played in the Illinois-Iowa League, and in the minor league Northwest League from 1891.

Notable future major league players and managers for the Hoosiers include manager Jack Went and players including Bob Langsford, Chuck Lauer, Luke Lutenber, and Billy Otterson. In 1889 Ed Dundon played for the Hoosiers, and he would go on to become the first deaf-mute player in Major League Baseball history.


In 1890 the Hoosiers won the Central Interstate League pennant by four games over the second place Burlington Hawkeyes.

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