Ted Bernhardt

Ted Bernhardt is a former NBA referee who retired in 2006. Bernhardt is most known for getting head butted by Dennis Rodman, and for officiating the 2002 Western Conference Finals between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rodman Head Butt

On March 15th 1996, After being ejected in the first quarter Saturday, Dennis Rodman, 34, head-butted referee Ted Bernhardt, knocked over a water cooler, stripped off his jersey, and shouted obscenities before leaving the court.

“Physical assaults on referees cannot and will not be tolerated under any circumstances, said Rod Thorn, NBA senior vice president.

Along with a $20,000 fine and an automatic $1,000 fine for being ejected, Rodman will lose about $34,500 in salary for each of the six games. That means the incident will cost him a total of $228,000.

Gary Payton

On January 25th 2000, NBA All-Star Gary Payton had to be restrained by his teammates as he stormed after referee Ted Bernhardt, who whistled him for two technical fouls. The Sonics, playing with the passion that Payton had complained was missing, kept the game close the rest of the way but still suffered their third straight defeat.

Western Conference Finals

Former NBA Ref Tim Donaghy, who was later put in prison for fixing games, stated that the Kings-Lakers series in the 2002 Western Conference Finals was set up and rigged by the officiating staff in Game 6 that included Ted Bernhardt.

After the allegations, which came in 2008, Michael Wilbon wrote for the Washington Post: “Three terrific veteran officials — Bob Delaney, Dick Bavetta and Ted Bernhardt — called what I still consider the single worst-officiated game in the 28 years I’ve been covering professional basketball. It was egregiously, embarrassingly bad for the league and for the Kings. It’s the only time, I think, I’ve ever written an entire column about refereeing for the purpose of being critical.”

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